Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work?

We work with national mobile carriers to provide you with access to a working US-based mobile telephone number. Through our service, you can request access to a phone number and use the number to receive SMS messages. Messages will be delivered to your account directly through our site.

Are Your Numbers Real Mobile Numbers?

Yes, these are real, non-VoIP mobile numbers direct from carriers. They are not virtual and can be used to verify just about any service, platform or site using text or call verification.

How Much Does It Cost?

We do not publish our pricing. Please create an account or login to see current prices and promotions.

How Do I Pay?

We accept PayPal, credit cards and select crypto-currencies through our online system.

How Do I Use Your System?

Create your user account by visiting our registration page here. You do not need to provide anything more than an email address and password.

Once your account is created, you can buy credits for phone numbers. A credit can be used to verify one (1) service with one (1) available phone number. You may verify multiple services with the same phone number by selecting multiple services from the drop-down menu. Each service selected will deduct one (1) credit from your account balance. You will have access to the provided phone number for 15 minutes. If you need to extend the time of access, you can use additional credits.

For call verification, a second credit is deducted from your account to connect your phone line to our call service for a total of approx. 5 minutes. You will need access to a U.S.based phone number to utilize this service.

You may select the geo-location of your number from the available pool of zip codes.

Can I Get the Same Number Again?

This service is no longer available. However, we will be launching a new ‘persistent’ number service. Please contact a representative for more details.

How Many Numbers Do You Have? (Are they unique? Do other users get the same number I use?)

We work directly with national mobile carriers and are provided access to the same pool of numbers as all their other customers. Once we release a number, the carrier controls the availability, distribution and eventual assignment of the number.

Is it possible another customer of the mobile carrier will be assigned the number you used and attempt to verify the same service? Yes, it is possible (though highly unlikely). Anyone telling you different is either misrepresenting their service or using virtual numbers instead of carrier-owned mobile number.

Do other Pvaverify users receive the same number I use?

No, we believe in one user one service one number. No one can get same number for same service

What Is Your Refund Policy?

All sales are final.

What If A Number Doesn’t Work for Verification or I Don’t Get My Code?

If you did not get the code please wait till the number out ( 15mins ) credit will auto refund in your account, if credit not showing please reload the page